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We spoke to Candice Fanning of Cakes by CandiB and asked her to share her wisdom as a food business owner

Candice is a mum and a home baker who founded Cakes by CandiB in 2016. Candice services the Great Lakes and Manning region with clients contacting her from far away as Canberra and Brisbane to order for friends or family in the area

Since you started your business in 2016, what have you learnt about owning a food business?


The main lesson I have learnt is to set goals for the future in your business. Whether you want to buy new equipment, advertise more, or use the money to treat yourself to a holiday, any goal little or big will motivate you to just keep swimming

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What is the trick to making a new food business a success?

Invest in your business. For the first year, every single dollar I made went into buying stock and equipment. I would make a profit and use it to buy a fridge or just a new rolling pin. Now every sale I make can go straight into my business account ready for when I’m ready to expand

How important is customer service in a food business?

It is extremely important. I believe in being totally upfront with my customers. If they ask you to do something that is beyond your ability, then tell them! It’s better to recommend someone else who can do it then to give out a product that is substandard and will damage your brand

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What was the toughest lesson you had to learn?

* learn when to say no*

saying no to clients is a hard part of any job. I didn’t have the ability to say no and I found I was missing out on time with my friends and family. I was losing sight of myself and what I ultimately wanted out of my business. Now I am much more confident in dealing with customers

Lastly, what is your advice for an aspiring food business owner?

Research people in your area in the same field. Consider them contacts, not competition. This way, if your too busy and cannot take on any more business at a particular time, then you can recommend someone and it works in return as well. I would much rather direct someone to someone else than just flat out say NO I cant fit you in

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