Waging a war on boring gifts

Dessert Boxes is the brainchild of three siblings from Sydney who decided it was time to bring back the excitement of presents!
It was born out of their frustration of having to send and receive boring gifts which would end up dying, being thrown away, never used, or at best, regifted! So they took it upon themselves to create Dessert Boxes & Donut Bouquets as a way to innovate and disrupt the gift giving industry.

Who needs a Dessert Box?

The next time you need a gift to say ‘Sorry for f*&cking up’, ‘Congrats on the Divorce’, ‘Thanks for letting me hang out for with the boys on the weekend’ or ‘F*$k the diet, I prefer your curves!’ a Dessert Box is the way to go!

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Could you please describe your product or service?

We’re an online Dessert gift giving service who are waging a war on boring gifts! We deliver Dessert Boxes and Donut Bouquets all around Sydney & Melbourne

How long have you been in business?

Between 1-3 years

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Can you tell us how you started your business?

3 siblings came together to change their circumstances and give their immigrant parents a better way of living

What would you say has been your biggest challenge and how did you over come it?

Educating the market on a new product. We overcame it through intensive social media and influencer marketing.

What is the one thing that has had the biggest impact to your success?

Social Media. We were able to speed up the educational marketing piece and reach people much quicker than we would have through traditional marketing methods.

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Any words of wisdom you would like to share with our readers?

Food is an industry which will survive the ups and down in the economy! People always needs to eat. Find a problem that your customers are experiencing and provide a solution with your products.

The team at Dessert Boxes have changed the way we gift with their refreshingly honest, bold and cheeky treats

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Start Your Food Business dessert-boxes-3-1 Food Entrepreneur Series - Dessert Boxes

Dessert Boxes

Website | dessertboxes.com.au

Instagram | @dessertboxes

Facebook  | https://facebook.com/dessertboxes