Real treats made by real people with a real goal to change how you feel inside and out

Clean Treats is about the PHYSIOLOGICAL change that occurs when you choose real food. Its an act of SELF LOVE when choosing Clean Treats

Charlie, why did you start Clean Treats Factory?

Because I believe with every essence of my being that together we can be the healthy change in the world. It all starts with you, the choices you make and the energy you give. Think healthy, happy thoughts & create a physiological change within and watch your life change.

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Could you please describe your product or service?

We manufacture bake mixes, protein ball mixes, gluten, dairy & refined sugar free slices and cakes, herbal teas and also involved with  plant based cafe and contract manufacturing.

How long have you been in business?

Between 3-5 years

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Can you tell us how you started your business?

After suffering digestive disorders and trying to find a solution, I started #ballin at home in my kitchen, I didn’t have a real plan, but I needed to pay my rent. I want to create a product that was real, not fake with ingredients my body could understand. I can’t cook but the treats seemed to just work! I then went to local cafes and asked if they would like to eat my #balls

What would you say has been your biggest challenge and how did you over come it?

I don’t think there is ‘one’ big challenge, challenges minor and major happen every day. There are certainly the times that knock you to the ground so hard you down feel like you can get back up, from the Ceo of your major client chipping his tooth, to being undercut in the market, the day after you sign your first ever 90sqm lease. I have learnt… business is business and everyday my actions and showing up for myself (mind and health) Im repairing myself for the hits. The more I learn about business the more I can prepare against them. Its like… training. Every time I overcome na obstacle, I get stronger. Sometimes this also means leaving for the day and choosing rest and time out before attacking the issue the next day.

What is the one thing that has had the biggest impact to your success?

Going from purely B2B to ECommerce and now adding to that, a physical space… the best marketing opportunity.

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Any words of wisdom you would like to share with our readers?

Know yourself and the way you do things. Trust your intuition but also be wary of emotions and never make emotion based decisions. You can never fail if you never quit, and were all just out there trying to get it right. Just keep trying.

Charlie turned a real-life problem into a business that serves delicious and decadent treats that are good for you

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Start Your Food Business Charlie-de-Haas Food Entrepreneur Series - The Clean Treats Factory

Charlie de Hass

Founder of Clean Treats Factory

Website | thecleantreatsfactory.com

Instagram | @thecleantreatsfactory

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