Start Your Food Business food-business-referrals How To Hire And Retain Staff

Every food business must make it a priority to hire and retain staff

Often the success of your food business will rely on your employees. Failure to hire and retain staff that have the skills and experience to support your business can be stressful and lead to additional time and cost delays.

Scott Wheeler from Insight Hospitality and Spring Distribution helps hospitality businesses with goals and strategies. Scott has this to say about employing staff

“When coming together building the team it’s important to form that ‘A’ team. The ‘A’ team is one that works so well together. They look out for each other. They show respect and know how to work as a team. When looking at team dynamics it is important to look at skill set and what experience each member brings to the table. When interviewing your potential staff members ask yourself ‘How do they fit in to my ‘A’ team?”

What do employees want?

Research consistently proves that besides a fair salary, employees want three things

  • Recognition
  • Work-life balance
  • Opportunities for growth

While bean bags, nap pods, and free food are great perks to have, what employees really want is to be recognized and feel valued

Tips for finding the best staff for your food business

  • Know what you need. Consult a recruitment professional who has experience in your industry and with their help, identify those traits and qualities that your ideal employee should have
  • Needless to say, if you want to attract the best talent and retain them, you must offer a fair and generous pay structure
  • Hire staff who have the right attitude that will help them excel and by extension, your business. Skills can be learned but attitude and commitment are inherent to one’s personality
  • Be competitive with the market in terms of pay but most importantly offer employees the facilities they really want such as flexible work hours, working from home, job sharing, study support etc

Tips to retain staff at your food business

  • Provide opportunities for continuous learning
  • Don’t hire and forget – be available, share your knowledge and stay involved
  • Ensure that your staff feel rewarded, recognized and appreciated
  • Use exit interviews to learn valuable information that you can use to retain other staff
  • Establish a mentor system so your employees are supported by a trustworthy senior team member
  • Set up plans to develop your employees’ careers, provide leadership opportunities and help them acquire new skills
  • Ask for suggestions and acknowledge feedback
  • Develop an inclusive, collaborative culture

Food businesses have told us that to find and retain staff is one of their biggest business challenges. To get the right staff for the right role, you need to first define who you are looking for, what skills and attitudes they need. This on its own can be challenging to define. If you have applied the tips mentioned above but are still having issues, we suggest that you consult a recruitment professional who can help you refine your business’s employment needs