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Top Food Trends

One of the most exciting things about the food industry is that it is always evolving. Now, to the unimaginative food business owner, this rapid development can be seen as frustrating. However, to the innovative and the enterprising, this change presents an abundance of opportunities. 

This article will highlight some of the current and emerging food trends. Hopefully, it will give you food for thought on how to better serve your customer and how to leave your competition stuck in the past.

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Offering a wholesome marriage of food, health and wellbeing, and the environment, plant-based food is all the rage right now. Growing consumer awareness of the treatment of animals coupled with the growing availability of delicious plant-based meals has elevated vegetables and the like from the supporting act of most meals, to frequently having their name on the marquee. Look for this food trend to continue and grow as more and more consumers discover the virtue of eating more plant-based meals.

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While plants, in general, are enjoying increased levels of popularity, one plant, in particular, is making great, individual strides: hemp. Naturally, for many of you reading this, the mere mention of the word hemp conjures up the image of cannabis, and while it does come from the same plant, that’s where the association ends. Hemp is actually the versatile, fibrous part of the plant with a range of applications ranging from paper to clothing. However, with it being high in healthy-boosting fatty acids and protein, hemp seeds, powder, and oil are becoming increasingly embraced as superfoods too. This is a food trend to watch out for

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Native Ingredients

Australians are becoming increasingly wise to the fantastic ingredients in their own backyard. However, this goes far beyond simply championing Australian grown ingredients and their resultant products, but taking advantage of the huge variety of vastly underutilized ingredients found all over the continent. Australia has some of the most unique and distinctive flora and fauna in the world, so everything from previously overlooked meats, fish, and particularly vegetables is being made use of – often to spectacular effect.

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Savvy consumers are looking to the future and being more conscious of how they spend their money on food. However, they aren’t just looking to ensure their own futures through cleaner eating for instance, but also that of Australia. To achieve this, consumers are becoming more concerned with sustainability and are willing to show their commitment through the increased purchase of free-range poultry and eggs, organic produce, and more homegrown produce with fewer food miles. 

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More Global Cuisine

Now, although consumers are becoming more appreciative of novel, homegrown ingredients, this won’t affect their enjoying of international cuisine. Australia being the melting pot of cultures that it is, the average consumer likes to enjoy the abundance of food on offer from all around the world, and this is poised to continue. What’s more, expect more ‘fusion’ cuisine as creative cooks offer more interesting blends of ingredients from different places. 

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Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

More and more high-end chefs are lending their talents to more casual dining experiences than those to be had at traditional restaurants, catering to the increasingly fast pace of modern life. People may have less time to eat but there doesn’t have to be a decrease in the quality of their food, and QSRs see to that. Food trucks are the best example of this trend, and it is set to continue.

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Clean Eating

The clean eating trend that’s grown over the decade is set to continue, with consumers becoming more aware and conscious of what goes into their food. Part of this is a greater understanding of additives and preservatives, the implications that such ingredients have on their health, and how food manufacturers attempt to hide said ingredients. The result is the increased adoption of less processed food and meals made with ingredients free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

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Reduced Waste

Consumers the world over are waking up to the reality of how wasteful we are, so there’s a real push to eliminate needless waste. This includes measures such as the planning of several meals that use the same ingredients in quick succession and managing portion sizes. Additionally, there is a focus on food packaging; both in ways to reduce its use (particularly single-use plastics) and to use it as a way of preventing food wastage. For instance, companies are developing smart packaging that gives information on the freshness of food, and in some cases slows down the rate at which food spoils.

How to capitalise on food trends

As a food entrepreneur, you are well positioned to make the most of these trends. Do you take measures to reduce packaging and food waste? Then share your efforts publicly! Do you use native Australian ingredients or purchase locally as much as you can? Then tell your customers about this! This article on food trends will help you to elevate your current business and food products.